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We're always looking for skilled and inspiring people.

We're always looking for empowering and inspiring people!

At Moov AI, our company culture means exceptional people can always give their best by being themselves.

Who we are

We want to advance companies through the concrete and relevant application of AI. Our mission is to democratise AI in Quebec.

If you want to work on challenging projects and upgrade your work life, we'd love to meet you.

Our employees are the heart of Moov AI...and we really do have a team on fire. You can always count on your colleagues to support you in your development and push you outside your comfort zone. And that's really motivating!

Come apply your talents (and AI!)

We founded Moov AI to support companies to take advantage of AI and machine learning. You'll work with a wide range of industries, functions and customers and have the chance to make a real impact across different sectors.


Predicting train car occupancy using a deep learning model with Tensorflow, trained and optimized on AzureML.


A training course customisation model based on participant performance prediction using a Scikit-Learn model, trained and optimised on GCP.

Pratt & Whitney

A prediction model of a maintenance activity schedule using a Gradient Boosting model, deployed with Kedro and MLflow on Databricks.

We believe that human intelligence is fundamental to the digital revolution.

Together, we are building an organisation centred on the distribution of power and decision-making.

Together, we are building an organisation centred on the distribution of power and decision-making.

Moov AI offers you the opportunity to live, try, make mistakes, learn and have an impact on different facets of the organization, and even to take part in strategic decision-making!

We build a supportive context to help each individual grow.

Fundamentals values that we are living every day.

Together, No bullshit, Positive mindset, Sharing

Four simple, but meaningful values that colleagues embrace. It's what defines our culture, guides our decisions and shapes our daily work.

Day-to-day, this means:

  • Accountable colleagues

  • People who fulfil their commitments

  • Assertive leadership

  • An organisation dedicated to equality

Working in a unique environment is not always easy, it comes with its fair share of challenges. But it also brings with it a multitude of amazing opportunities to learn and grow as well as a great deal of latitude to reach your full potential.

The benefits

Vacation flexibility

You decide when and how long you want to take off. You can use your vacation time as you wish for travel, as a week to recentre yourself or spread out as flexible days off. The only limitation is that you must check with your team to make sure it's a good time for you to leave.


Our field is evolving rapidly. That's why Moov AI invests heavily in the continuous training of its employees. You will have the opportunity to receive technical training as well as personal development training. For us, soft skills are as important as know-how.

Hybrid work

You decide what works best for you. Our hybrid work policy allows you to choose a permanent desk at the office, to utilise a ‘floating desk’ where you only come in occasionally or to completely work from home. We work hard to make information accessible and transparent so that this approach works for everyone.


You will have access to competitive group insurance. Medical expenses, telemedicine, psychological therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy and more is included to ensure your well-being is at its best. Dental expenses are also covered which will surely make you smile! 😀

RRSP contribution

With an average age of 33, our employees are far from retirement. But because we care about your well-being and want to alleviate financial stress, Moov AI contributes to your RRSP. Our group plan contributes an amount equal to your base contribution, up to 2% of your contributory salary.

Little extras

Because we like to spoil our employees – and because everyone loves perks – you'll find plenty of little extras dotted around the office. Refreshing drinks, snacks, team lunches, 5@7, swag – these are only some of the little extras we offer.

Life at Moov AI

You have the choice between working from home or from our beautiful office at the vibrant Plateau Mont-Royal.

For us, family comes first. You will have the latitude and support of your team to take care of your loved ones without feeling pressured.

Upon arrival, you will also have access to our vacation policy. Moov AI offers all employees unlimited flexibility.

We don't miss an opportunity to celebrate, so you can expect many amazing events all year round.

Our hiring process

Step 1

The preliminary interview

You will have an initial discussion with our talent acquisition specialist, Dave, regarding the technical and cultural aspects of the role. Dave will ask you about various critical matters, including your interest in Moov AI, your technical knowledge and background, your values, your salary expectations and your availability.

Step 2

The technical interview You will discuss technical issues related to your role with a domain expert. He or she will confirm your skillset meets the requirements of the position.

Step 3

The culture interview

Moov AI's culture is different and we think it's important to introduce and explain it properly. You will have the chance to speak with two members of the Culture & Development team who will discuss Moov AI's culture, values and structure with you in more detail. They will assess if you and Moov AI are a good match! 😉

Step 4

The technical test

Dave will send you a technical test that you can complete from home (there is no time limit and the test can be done at your own convenience). This will help us to verify your technical skills and your ability to solve problems. Your results will then be analysed by an expert.

Step 5

The work sample

You will meet your future team. Together, you will exchange ideas in a friendly and collaborative setting with regard to your technical test in order to understand your thinking process and what you could have done differently. This step allows us to evaluate how you collaborate with peers.

Step 6

The offer

It's our time to take the plunge. We will call you and present you with an offer. We'll discuss salary, vacation, insurance and RRSPs.

We know this process can seem long, but we're great at making sure each step comes together quickly.

We want to make sure that we and you are actually a good fit!

Frequently asked questions

Over the years, candidates have frequently asked us these questions. But if you have any anything else you want to discuss, don't hesitate to contact Dave. He'll be happy to help.

How long will the projects be and what about the size of my team?

The average project lasts between 9 and 12 months, but it is not uncommon to see shorter or longer projects. During this time, you will be part of a team of four people, including an AI Delivery Manager, a Data Developer and two Data Scientists.

Does Moov AI want to continue working across different industries?

Yes, because this demonstrates our ability to adapt and increases the impact of our mission. It also allows colleagues to touch on new technologies and help companies working in areas they are passionate about!

How do project assignments work?

At Moov AI, we have a participatory process that allows the technical members of a project (DS, DE, AIDM) to participate in their own assignment. All upcoming project options are visible to all. Decisions are made as a team among the people who show an interest in the project.