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AI Strategy Advisor

  • Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Job description

Moov AI, an independent, Montreal-based company, has been bringing the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to businesses of all sizes since 2018. Our mission is to make AI accessible across Quebec.

Being an AI strategy Advisor at Moov AI

As an AI advisor, you work directly with potential clients to understand their current problems as well as their maturity in the field of AI and analytics. You will be involved in the early stages of our delivery lifecycle. You will research the client’s industry and company to deeply understand their pain points and help them prioritize what AI use cases would be most valuable for them. You will work with them during our workshop activities and produce a detailed AI roadmap as well as help scope and define the details of the initial projects that they desire to begin. If the clients show interest, you will perform an in-depth audit of their company personnel and process to identify what key training or improvements would be valuable to help the client get ready for further AI and data projects.

Once a project starts most of the work will be done by the delivery team. However, you will stay available to answer questions and help the team understand the industry and business perspective the project is trying to solve to ensure the delivery team provides a valuable AI solution to the client.

You will also work directly with key stakeholders in the client's company to help them further define their AI strategy and educate them on important related topics.

Your typical day at Moov AI

You might start the day by spending several hours researching a client's industry to identify key elements where AI could be of value. You will then join the demo of a project you helped scope and give your feedback as a business expert if the project is going in the right direction.

You will then spend your entire afternoon in a workshop with a client, digging deep into their needs and doing a variety of brainstorming and alignment activities to help discover and define valuable AI use cases. This will be done in partnership with experienced Moov technical staff to cover the technology aspect. You will then spend the next day or two doing a synthesis of the workshop and preparing a report and project proposal for the client

Your career at Moov AI

You will experience a wide range of industries, functions, and clients; you will change jobs without changing employers. For example, AI solutions designed by Moov AI have led to reduced food waste at a major grocer, improved the STM's traffic prediction model, and enabled an international aerospace company to better predict engine maintenance. That's the kind of list that makes your mouth water.

What Moov AI brings you

Moov AI is a different kind of business, with clear values that we pursue daily. Ultimately, we want everyone to show up at the office as their authentic self, without having to wear a “professional persona.”.

  • Family comes first.
  • Our offices are located in the vibrant Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood in Montreal.
  • We advocate for a hybrid system of office presence and remote work.
  • You manage your own schedule, including your vacations, based on your team, clients, and deliverables.
  • You have access to competitive group insurance.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in a contribution RRSP program.
  • You personally contribute to driving businesses forward through the practical use of AI. Together, we are transforming Quebec.

Job requirements

What you bring to the team  

  • You are dynamic and flexible, capable of adapting easily to the rapid changes in the AI industry.
  • You excel in an ever-evolving environment and are ready to take on the challenges of dynamic situations within an innovative team and company!
  • Experience mapping business processes and identifying points of improvements .
  • Demonstrated research abilities. You can quickly learn about new industries and business areas of focus .
  • You understand how to build strategic roadmaps and how to sequence elements in a way to balance value and feasibility .
  • Explaining complex ideas in digestible ways is nothing new to you. You can do so in a way that is understandable by a diversity of senior stakeholders .
  • You can build a great presentation. You love writing. You are willing to help write grant proposals, RFP answers and so on to help the client get financial support for the projects.
  • Workshops don’t scare you and you have handled easy and difficult ones with various backgrounds and opinions present in them.
  • While not necessary, it’s probably a good sign that you have done most of the above in a consulting context for a couple of years, ideally with mid to large-sized companies. But if you have not, don’t let that stop you from applying! 

We want to get to know you  

At Moov AI, we encourage any person who wants to meet the challenges of artificial intelligence to apply. We’re committed to building an inclusive team that represents a diversity of perspectives in a caring and transparent work environment. 


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