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Technical lead in data science

  • Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Job description

Moov AI, an independent, Montreal-based company, has been bringing the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to businesses of all sizes since 2018. Our mission is to make AI accessible across Quebec.

If, as a technical lead in data science, you are looking to evolve your career towards consultation and the practical application of artificial intelligence, and, at the same time, join a team that promotes staying true to oneself, we have an interesting opportunity for you.

Being a technical lead in data science at Moov AI

As a technical lead in data science within the technology leadership team, you provide your technical expertise and leadership in all matters related to data science. In addition to serving as a resource for questions related to your field of expertise, solution architecture, and model selection, you define the technological direction of solutions and ensure the quality of deliverables.

You ensure that business stakeholders (e.g., clients, project managers, technical team, etc.) understand the technological and scientific approach as well as the technological risks of the project. You ensure that clients understand the approach and assist them in managing the change for solution adoption.

You support team members in resolving complex technical issues and questions. You also participate in the modeling of solutions with the team (getting hands-on with the code) as needed.

You keep up with technological trends and industry best practices and integrate them into team activities. You proactively mentor team members to foster skill development.

A day at Moov AI:

Your day starts with the stand-up meeting for a project you support and a brainstorming session with the team to discuss the direction of the solution and unblock a difficult technical issue. Then, you assist delivery teams as needed, supporting them in overcoming challenges in their project progress.

Throughout the day, you engage in technology monitoring and ensure you stay up-to-date on data science topics, primarily in recommendation models and GenAI. You will also be involved in identifying, analyzing, and contributing to the development of our best practices related to your field of expertise.

Your career at Moov AI

You will experience a wide range of industries, functions, and clients; you will change jobs without changing employers. For example, AI solutions designed by Moov AI have led to reduced food waste at a major grocer, improved the STM's traffic prediction model, and enabled an international aerospace company to better predict engine maintenance. That's the kind of list that makes your mouth water.

What Moov AI brings you
Moov AI is a different kind of company, with clear values that we live by every day. Ultimately, we want every individual to show up to work as their authentic selves—no need for artificial professional identities. Our way of doing things has earned us recognition as the "Best Startup Employer in Canada 2024" by Forbes.

  • Family comes first.
  • Our offices are located in the vibrant Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood in Montreal.
  • We advocate for a hybrid system of office presence and remote work.
  • You manage your own schedule, including your vacations, based on your team, clients, and deliverables.
  • Your salary is fair with your colleagues and the market and varies between 124 184$ et 149 858$ per year, with the possibility of a 15% annual bonus.
  • You have access to competitive group insurance.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in a contribution RRSP program.
  • You personally contribute to driving businesses forward through the practical use of AI. Together, we are transforming Quebec.

Job requirements

What else you bring to the team

  • You are dynamic and flexible, able to easily adapt to the rapid changes in the AI industry. You excel in a constantly evolving environment and are ready to take on the challenges of a changing team and an innovative company!
  • You specialize in a key technology and/or industry of Moov AI, such as Generative AI, demand forecasting, MLOps, etc.
  • You are a natural leader; people are inspired by your level of excellence and your desire to make technology useful on a large scale and continuously. 
  • As a technical expert, you have been involved in resolving complex situations or problems. 
  • You have practical experience in software development. You are familiar with good practices in software and cloud architecture.
  • You possess a broad understanding of machine learning and solution design in the context of applied AI. 
  • You comprehend business challenges.
  • You have experience in client management and delivery in a consulting process. 
  • You are adept at communicating with your team and can convey your expertise and explain your decisions to a non-technical audience.
  • You can easily switch between a macro and micro approach. 
  • You are agile; you understand the importance of a good plan, and your humility and listening skills allow you to adjust it based on learnings and discoveries throughout your clients' AI journey.
  • You are not afraid to get hands-on with the code when needed to support your team.

We want to get to know you

At Moov AI, we encourage any person who wants to meet the challenges of artificial intelligence to apply. We’re committed to building an inclusive team that represents a diversity of perspectives in a caring and transparent work environment.


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